What’s new in MailerLite?

The latest product news and updates from MailerLite in 1 place.

Summer 2020

Pop-ups got way more exciting

We updated the pop-up builder with new content block options, editing features and 16 predesigned templates to help you create converting pop-ups.

Create your own blog

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic and now you can create your next blog in minutes! We launched new blog features.

Infrastructure update

We implemented a new technology infrastructure to eliminate unexpected issues and provide our customers with a faster, more reliable platform.

Other Updates

Faster importing speed

Import speeds are faster! They are fastest when you are importing new subscribers, and get slightly slower (but still fast) when re-uploading the same subscribers.

Website publishing status

Know exactly how long your website will take to publish with our new website loader feature.

Additional error styling for forms

Now, all fields left empty in your form are shown in red when a subscriber presses the subscribe button.

Spring 2020

Website builder launch

You can now build entire websites using the drag & drop editor. Create a homepage, separate pages and a blog section with articles—no coding skills needed.

Zapier integration update

We’ve added 9 new Zapier triggers to easily activate automation workflows based on your subscribers’ actions and a special action to remove subscribers from groups.

iOS app updates

Updated versions in the app store offer you an enhanced iPad experience, e-commerce order summaries, survey responses and more new features.

Other Updates

Save block style settings

To maintain consistency, you can now select the option to apply block style settings to all other places where this block is used within what you’re editing.

Notification while editing

Avoid editing simultaneously with others and potentially overwriting content. A notification will appear and let you know when someone is already editing.

New social media icons

You asked, we listened! Every builder now has new social media icons including TikTok, WhatsApp, Patreon, Flick and Riot.

Improved editing experience

When editing long texts, the toolbar would sometimes get lost. We improved this by making the toolbar sticky and optimized our builder to increase its speed.

Better schedule pop-ups

You can now choose a specific time range to show your pop-up by selecting the exact start and end date and time.

Winter 2019

Revamped rich-text editor

Meet your new rich-text email editor designed with new features to help you create more engaging text emails. Click to read all the updates.

MailerCheck integration

MailerCheck can remove invalid emails and improve your deliverability rate by up to 98%. You can now integrate it with MailerLite.

MailerLite Manager iOS app

MailerLite on the go! Our iPhone app will help you stay on top of all your email campaigns, signup forms and automation workflows.

Other Updates

Domain management system

Improved custom domain management lets you check your emails and landing page domain info all in one place. Simply add, edit your domain records in Domains tab.

Smarter ways to use images

We introduced an easier way to resize images and view image dimensions in your rich-text and drag & drop editors. Give it a spin!

New image gallery block for landing pages

This block allows you to upload multiple images at once. In the preview mode, images appear in modal with an option to slide between other images.

More landing pages templates

We introduced new landing page templates with the following 4 themes: Accommodations, Quizzes, Tutorials and Food. They’re ready now!

Autumn 2019

New landing page builder

Planning to run a promotion, contest or event? You can now build all kinds of pages to reach your business goals (no coding skills needed).

Create your templates

Save time by converting newsletters or landing pages into templates and setting default details like your logo and social links to always appear.

Fun with quizzes

Test people’s knowledge and even treat them with a freebie at the end. Insert the quiz block in your email or landing page or use a quiz template.

Other Updates

Multiple-image choice questions

Make your surveys and quizzes more interactive with visuals! You can now insert images into your multiple-choice questions. Works for emails and landing pages.

5 new email templates

Pick a ready-made template and build your newsletter from there. We’ve added 5 new layouts including quizzes and beautiful designs for e-commerce and bloggers.

Customized fields in embedded forms

New customized fields give you more options for embedded forms on your landing pages. Add a dropdown menu, radio buttons and more to customize your signup form.

Summer 2019

New automation upgrades

Automations just got smarter and more efficient with several new upgrades like subscribe form triggers, new action steps, and a more intuitive interface. Check out all the upgrades!

Email marketing guides by industry

Email best practices change depending on your industry. Visit our new resource center, featuring industry-specific guides for blogging, e-commerce, nonprofits and many more!

Other Updates

Improved e-commerce management

Everything you need to manage in your e-commerce email marketing is in account settings. It’s now way easier to manage multiple stores.

More rules in the survey block

Many of you asked us to make surveys more flexible by adding new rules and removing answer limits. We listened and improved the blocks!

Launched new migration services

It’s now super easy to join MailerLite. We’ll handle everything like importing subscribers, templates and automations. Tell your friends!

Spring 2019

Abandoned cart emails for Shopify and WooCommerce

Win back your lost e-commerce sales with automated abandoned cart emails. See how to set them up along with some examples to get you started!

Promotion pop-ups: enhance your customer experience

Help your website visitors get the most out of their visit. Check out how to use promotion pop-ups to deliver your most important messages.

Other Updates

"Recent emails" search function

You send a lot more emails than you think. This search tool helps you find a specific email in seconds.

New promotion pop-up templates

Choose from 8 new pop-up designs to help your website visitors get the information they need.

More e-commerce newsletter templates

We created a bunch of new templates to go along with all of the new e-commerce feature updates.

Winter 2018 - 2019

New feature: surveys in your emails

Choose from 7 questionnaire templates and conduct surveys right from your newsletters. Start getting valuable subscriber feedback today!

WooCommerce plugin updated with new features

Learn how to use the new WooCommerce features, including automation triggers based on purchases, product importing and sales tracking.

Pricing update and new services

We updated our pricing for new customers and introduced new services:

Other Updates

WordPress plugin update

WordPress 5 editor support. Now all forms can be inserted in the new WP editor too.

New blocks in the drag & drop email editor

Navigation and social share (Facebook, Twitter) are now available.

Content block search in the drag & drop editor

Our new drag & drop builder currently has 76 different content blocks. We implemented search functionality that helps you find blocks faster.

Possibility to change the font for every text element in the template

We used to have a general setting for the font in newsletters. Now every content item can have its own font.

Photo editor update

We implemented a new photo editor. It's much faster and is packed with creative tools to make your emails stand out.

Fall 2018

Fall brings us new important features that will help your newsletter look better.

New drag & drop editor

The editor was completely reimagined to help non-designers improve their newsletters.

Dynamic content blocks

Enables you to add pieces of content to a larger email that are only visible to certain subscribers.

Social media posts in newsletters

Embed your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts in newsletters.

Make your own templates

Instead of just offering you pre-designed templates, we thought some of you would love the possibility of creating your own templates.

Other Updates

New security options

Our newest updates add an extra layer of security for your landing pages and forms with the implementation of reCAPTCHA.

Pop-up options for desktop and mobile

Our new pop-up setting allows you to select different pop-ups for mobile devices and desktop devices.

Event announcement block

Pre-built fields and an RSVP button that adds subscribers to a selected group automatically.

Signature block

To help you put your personal stamp on emails, we’ve created a clever digital signature block that lets you sign your emails.

Instagram social media block

You can now embed Instagram posts in your newsletter using the drag & drop editor.

Summer 2018

Summer brings us more security for your MailerLite account and a more powerful file manager.

File Manager revamped to include Google Drive, Giphy and Unsplash

See how new integrations with Google Drive, Giphy and Unsplash transform your file manager into a tool for creating better newsletters.

MailerLite app for Shopify updated

Our new advanced features will improve your email marketing with better automation, targeting and sales tracking capabilities.

Other Updates

RSS to email updated

RSS to email feature takes your new content, automatically inserts it into an email, and sends it to your subscribers in a scheduled email that you control.

New MailerLite WordPress plugin

The featured image in RSS feed by MailerLite for WordPress automatically adds featured images of your posts into the RSS feed.

Two-factor authentication

MailerLite now offers all its users the option of two-factor authentication. An extra layer of security to keep your account safe.

Spring 2018

Many features that help to deal with GDPR

New MailerLite GDPR features

New features that will help you comply with GDPR: right to be forgotten, proof of subscriber consent, identifying EU users.

GDPR compliant opt-in forms

Our new form feature now includes the tools you need to comply with these GDPR requirements.

Other Updates

Data Processing Agreement

We created our Data Processing Agreement to cover the GDPR requirements as they relate to email marketing.

Winter 2017 - 2018

The winter season is full of new integrations

New subscriber segmentation

Our goal for building the New Segments was to make segmentation easy, fast and powerful at the same time.

MailerLite plugin for WooCommerce

Give your customers the option to subscribe to your emails at checkout. Sync data about their orders and send targeted campaigns.

Other Updates

Integration with landing page builder Carrd

Carrd enables you to create beautiful, fully responsive single-page sites that you can use to collect email addresses and much more.